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Young's Herbal Chew... hey it's not bad.

A simple pleasure at work or leisure. Often used as a mixer or substitute to cut down or stop using tobacco.

Kicking the habit has never been easier with these four distinct blends made from all-natural ingredients.  Young’s Herbal Chew is a pleasant tasting tobaccoless snuff that packs well in the mouth and which, unlike tobacco, can be swallowed. 

We don't try to mimic a tobacco taste. Our aim is a pleasant tasting product that packs well in the mouth and which, unlike tobacco, can be swallowed. All ingredients are healthy for you and contain no artificial flavors.
Available in four pleasantly distinct blends:

  • "Classic" blend - Blended flavors the most dominant of which is cinnamon.
  • "Wintergreen" blend - Mild mint flavors from peppermint and wintergreen oil.
  • "Licorice" blend - Mild licorice flavor from both licorice root and anise herbs.
  • "Ginger Red" blend - Distinct ginger flavor, probably the boldest of the four blends.

Tobaccoless chews, such as Young’s Herbal Chew are often used as a Nicotine free alternative to the harmful habit of smoking or chewing.   Mayo Clinic recommends use of non-tobacco chew and pouches to help tobacco cessation. So does Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center.  If you are ready to quit smoking, quit chewing, kick the habit or make a change, then we recommend you give Young’s Herbal Chew a try….Hey it’s not bad.


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